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Solubag is a patented material
created to reduce plastic pollution.

Recognized by Silicon Valley, our dissolvable bags were awarded the Best Innovation award in Latin America. We’re bringing this technology to Canada to reduce the impact of single-use plastic. Our bags can be used multiple times, and when you need to dispose of them, simply dissolve in hot water.


Flat Bag

Medium Gusset Bag

Long Gusset Bag

Solubag is Plastic-Free!

Solubag invented a new raw material made by a synthesis from calcium carbide and natural substances. Our environmentally friendly bags can be completely dissolved in 5 minutes in water instead of up to 500 years without contamination.

Thanks to the same raw material and a different formulation, Solubag produces water-soluble reusable fabric-style bags to replace the current reusable and plastic options.


billion plastic bags used by Canadians every year


million tonnes of plastic is thrown away every year


species of marine life are threatened because of plastic pollution


pounds of microplastics are ingested in one person's lifetime.

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